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From the moment I stepped through the Pole Palace doors I knew this was the pole studio for me! The warm, friendly and non judgemental vibe was obvious from the start. After having my two babies my body image and self confidence was at an all time low, I really needed to do something for myself. Pole Palace has helped me learn to love myself again and I cannot thank the incredible teachers enough! The studio is beautiful, the routines are fun and the Palace Family is amazing!


-Bonney Patricia

After wanting to try pole for ages I finally decided to come and check out Pole Palace and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only have I gained so much strength and muscles in my body, but I feel so much more confident in my own skin. I went from being the girl who hated exercise to being a Pole Palace 3 nights a week and loving it :-) The most amazing thing about being there (aside from my personal changes and progression) is the utterly amazing staff working there. All of my teacher are beautiful people who make you feel so comfortable, welcome and are always so encouraging. My fellow pole students are just as great and I couldn't dream of a better group of people to be around.


-Stephanie Fuller

I've been workin' the pole for almost a year now and can confidently say I'm addicted. The Teachers at the Palace are super friendly, supportive and are well experienced. I can't praise them enough. I think one of the greatest attributes of the Palace is the supportive culture between students. We all encourage each other and are super proud of each other when we finally nail a trick we've been struggling with. Experiencing this genuine support really helped erase any nerves I had starting pole dancing. My self-confidence has increased dramatically since beginning at the Palace. This includes self image, dancing ability, and strutting around in 6 inch heels. Not that I need heels being 6'4 without them haha. If your looking for a fun, rewarding and creative way to express yourself then come join us at Pole Palace! Go buy some sexy heels and get ready to slay.

-Lexa Levan

I started pole dancing almost a year ago, trying to loss the giggly bits before I got married. I am now in my first term of inter 2 and am loving every bit of it. The teachers are so amazing and encouraging. My confidence has grown so much. Before I started pole dancing I was nervous about swimming in my back yard in a bikini now I can dance on performance nights in from of family and friends with no issue. Thank you Summer and Dom for all the confidence and teaching me all these cool moves. I'm excited to attend class every week to learn new moves. :)

-Jess Gray

I started dancing at Pole Palace about 2 years ago with no dance experience. I have never been a confident person and have pretty bad anxiety as well. Pole dancing has given me such a confidence boost and I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I was originally petrified to do a performance at the end of term, and now look forward to showing everyone what I can do. The teachers are so beautiful and encouraging each with their own different teaching qualities. It's such a friendly studio and all the students are amazing,  I can't recommend it enough.

-Chantal McNamara

I am only new to pole.. 8 weeks to be exact!! And its crazy to think that in 8 weeks you could be hooked.. But I am. I was always scared to start pole, I’m not very confident and my dancing skills are non-existent, my booty shakes look more like a 3 year old dancing to the wiggles, but then I started at Pole Palace and not only are my booty shakes and body roles slowly improving, my confidence is also building as well, and in 8 weeks my strength has just sky rocketed. I can actually do a pull up!!! The Pole Palace dance studio automatically makes you feel like part of a family as soon as you walk through the door because I can tell you, it was scary to walk through that door the first day thinking shit I am going to start pole dancing!! But as soon as you open that door you are met with the most gorgeous and amazing dance teachers who encourage and support you through every step of learning, from dance skills to pole tricks and instantly make you hooked where you look forward to every week’s class. If you’ve been thinking about wanting to do pole dancing, but keep saying oh I don’t know if I can. STOP and do it !!!! you will not regret it at all. It is an amazing workout and you meet a whole bunch of amazing girls who encourage you to do your best !!!


-Danielle Elise

I joined Pole Palace when they first opened, just over a year ago. I had been wanting to try it out for quite some time but never had the guts to do it. I have been very self conscious my whole life and the thought of being in my underwear around numerous strangers trying all of these spinny/twirly upside down moves in high heels really freaked me out! Pole Palace and the amazing team there have been nothing but supportive and accepting towards myself and all the girls in my classes and I have found myself slowly learning to accept my body and embrace what it can do! Looking back to a year ago I never thought I would love Pole Dancing as much as I do now and I honestly can’t see myself quitting anytime soon, thank you to the girls at Pole Palace for everything you have done and are doing for me.  I can’t recommend this studio enough!! <3 xx


-Jordan Latta

A beautiful, intimate studio with delightful and amazing teachers. Summer, Sassy, Shantelle and Dom make you feel welcome and they support and encourage your growth as a dancer in any way that they can!


-Rachael Jin Young Kim-Ainsworth

Pole Palace is a great studio, I highly recommend it to everyone, and in saying that I mean people of all ages and both sexes. Age has no barriers at Pole Pale Dance & Fitness Centre. I would never in a million years of thought to try pole, only that my daughter Dominique is one of the instructors here and she asked me to come along and support her class and Summers new Studio.

Feeling a little nervous and being 57 then, I thought that I would just do the mini term in Feb 2015... Mmmm I was in for a shock! I am still attending classes and now doing three classes a week (2 pole and 1 strength ) and have managed to progress to Int 2. Pole and strength classes have definitely improved my flexibility & fitness and overall well being. I highly recommend everyone to give it a go, it’s fun ,you meet different people, you can set yourself personal goals to reach each term and you get to spend time with all the awesome Instructors there.

A big thank you to Summer, Dominique & Shantelle for all your help and expertise and especially your patience you have in teaching me. It’s never too late to start don’t use your age as an excuse, I’m now 58 and the Studios Pole Nanna ;-P


-Dianne Daly

Two years ago I was super nervous about signing up to this, but after my first class with Domie I absolutely fell in love! Everyone at the studio is so amazing and encouraging that I couldn't imagine life without pole anymore! They made me realise my inner fabulousness :)


-Laura Swinbourne