Class Information



So everyone tends to start in beginners, in this course you will learn a series of basic spins as well as some basic dance moves. This course is designed for you to really get to know the pole! You will also be focusing on building strength and flexibility and this will help you along with your pole journey!



Once you have completed you beginners course you then move up to the intermediate levels! Now there are 3 levels of intermediate, you will start in int1 and make your way up to int2 and 3.

In int 1 you will start to learn how to go upside down! (YAY!!!) You will also be learning some more complex spins as well as putting them all into combinations!

In int 2 it starts to get a little crazy! You must be completely confident with all your int1 moves before jumping up to int2 as you will now be learning lots more upside down stuff! (YIPPEEE!)

NOW int 3! Hold on to your hotpants girls its going to be a wild ride! Once again, you must be completely confident with all your int2 moves before joining int3 because this is wear it starts to get even more tricky! We're going to have you hanging in all different directions! 2+ classes a week is highly recommended once you get to this level!



OK, so by now you've completed all your intermediate levels and are officially a circus freak!....... Just kidding, you're extremely talented!!! There are 2 levels to advanced; Prep Advanced and Advanced.

Prep Adv is where you go from int3! Now if you thought that was crazy, then we've invented a whole new level of crazy! For this level you’re going to need a lot of strength! So if you've done int3 a few times and think you’re ready for a new challenge, come and join the dark side!

ADVANCED!?!?! OK now you're completely nuts! This level will give Cirque Du Soleil a run for their money! Ok maybe not, BUT it sure is crazy up here! Join us if you dare! ;)


Other classes-

Here at Pole Palace we have a lot to offer! As well as pole dancing we also have; Aerial Hoop (Lyra), Aerial Silks, Flexibility, Chair/Lap Dancing, 40 & Fabulous, Strength, Mums & Bubs, Pole'icious, Showgirls, Burlesque, Exotic, and more! Now, what are all these classes did I hear you say? Well, let me tell you!

Aerial Hoop and Silks are apart of the circus arts family! Aerial Hoop, also known as a Lyra, is a metal hoop apparatus and Aerial Silks are 2 pieces of fabric that hang from the ceiling. Both of these arts can be seen in such shows as Cirque Du Soleil and traditional circus shows. They are beautiful art forms and a fantastic way to get and stay fit! We offer both disciplines in all of our classes on the timetable listed as, Beginners Aerial, Intermediate Aerial & Open level Aerial.

Lyra Lovers class is for our Lyra Lovers that want to learn to put together a routine. You will be taught a routine over the 8 week course and then be given the opportunity to perform in our Student Showcase.

Spinning Chair Exclusive to Pole Palace we have our new and exciting SPINNING chair class!!! Some of you may remember seeing this performed by our amazing Miss Tash Diamond at one of showcase nights in 2018! We had lots of enquiries about it so we had the chairs specially made and put it on our timetable! This is a class EXCLUSIVE to Pole Palace! You can't do a spinning chair class anywhere else in the WORLD!!!

40 & Fabulous is a class for our lovely 40+ ladies! (or close to their 40s). If you are you in or close to your 40s and really want to try pole dancing but are too nervous, this course is for you!!! You will be taught by the wonderful mum of 3, Kelly. A fantastic teacher with over 15 year experience that will show you a great time and teach you all there is to know! 


Curvy Queens was designed specifically for those that are a little body conscious and would like to be in a class with others that feel the same. We often get asked if "bigger" people do or can do pole dancing, our answer is always YES! But we always get told "oh i wouldn't be brave/confident enough to come to a class" as people are generally under the impression that classes are full of skinny/fit people, but this is not the case, our classes are full of people all different shapes, sizes, genders and fitness levels. We cater to EVERYONE! But if you are a little nervous about starting, our Curvy Queens class would be the perfect place for you! However, you are welcome to join absolutely ANY class on our timetable, you are not excluded from any other class as we cater to everyone.

Heels Dance is a sassy and sexy style dance class with Miss Tash! No pole involved with this one, just purely DANCE! Normal heels are best for this class, or just your little 6inch babies, but you want to be able to balance and dance comfortably in them without the security of holding the pole! :P 

Trending Tricks is an open level class for anyone that wants to do an extra lesson to work on your class moves, routine combos, or if you've seen something trending online that your'd like to try, as long as it is level appropriate, we'll happily teach you! This class can also be used for people that just want to do pole for fitness, no dancing! So if you think you've got 2 left feet and really don't want to give the dancing a go but still want to get fit while having fun, then this is for you!

Strength & Conditioning class is taken by our very own commando, Edie! This class has a tonne of fantastic strength and conditioning exercises to help you improve on your pole and aerial tricks. Everyone that does this class has improved phenomenally in their classes! They are feeling stronger and more confident than ever! Edie has extensive skills and knowledge in the fitness industry. 2nd 2015 NSW bikini model WFF// 3rd place 2015 Australian bikini model WFF. Placed within top 800 for the Australia/ NZ CrossFit open (within 9months of starting CrossFit). Edie understands the importance of tailoring diets to muscle gain/repair and to lean out, all gained through the last 10+ years being exposed to body building and over all willingness to improve health and mobility through training.


Flexibility classes are an hour class dedicated to STRETCHING! So if your struggling with your flexibility or just want to improve on it, this will be a great class for you! Building strong muscle fibres helps boost your metabolism and your fitness level. Flexible muscles also make everyday activities easier on your body and may decrease your risk of certain injuries. Stretching may improve your circulation, increasing blood flow to your muscles. This class is led by Miss Maddie, dancer since she was just a tiny tot, so she has plenty of knowledge and tips to get you where you want to be! 

Exotic FloorPlay is a dance based class, you will learn heaps of awesome floor moves, basework, moves with the pole, not so much on the pole, and also learn the art of flow! This class is very much inspired by the Russian Style by pole artists such as Daria Che, Olga Koda and many more.


Lap Dancing is exactly what it sounds like! You will learn how to do a cute and sexy dance routine using a chair. There will also be elements of striptease from time to time too! This class is always full of giggles and good times! No pole involved for this class, so anyone can attend.

Mums & Bubs, really want to do pole classes but can't get a baby sitter? No worries! We've got you covered! Bring your bubs along and while you do your class, the can hang out and play! 


Pole'icious is a class where you will learn a new pole routine every week! It's a lot of fun and great for working on your memory and choreography skills!

Diamond Dance is run by our wonderful Tash Diamond! This class is a mixed bag of goodies! Each week you will learn a different dance and it can be any style! It may be pole some weeks, floor, chair, lap, heels, burlesque etc! Anything our ever so sassy Miss Tash is feeling!

Core & Booty Builder is improve your core and lower back stability and build some serious core strength movements to help improve not only your balance and posture, but also reduce the risk of injury. Coupled together with sculpting that perfect peach with a section dedicated to booty building!

Trial & Level Assessments class is a casual 45mins class! If you've never done pole before and you're a little nervous about committing to a full term, or if you're coming from another studio and not sure which level is right for you, then this class is for you! $25 for 45mins, all levels, styles, students and non students welcome! 

Burlesque, the art of TEASE! Learn fun, cheeky, sexy dances while learning to dance with props, accessories and remove garments without showing off too much!!! Remember, its all about the tease! ;) 


Private Lessons are great for that little bit of extra help! If you're struggling in class, need help with a routine for an up coming comp, maybe you want to learn a sexy lap dance for a special up coming birthday, or you just want to polish up your tricks so you can move up to the next level. Private lessons are available with all of our teachers for all of your needs! Private lessons are to be arranged directly with the teacher of your choice.